We’ve got 3 summer tournaments coming up. Make sure you’ve got all the gear!

  • Sunglasses – because it may just be sunny! 
  • Tape – a great multi-purpose item that you know someone is going to ask for. 
  • Plasters  – just in case. 
  • Water – very important to keep hydrated. 
  • Bin bag  – if it does rain you can use it to put your stuff inside. 
  • Flip flops  – after hours of playing netball, it’s great to set your feet free! 
  • Hair clips – just in case the weather gets a bit windy. 
  • Snacks  – a bag of Haribo goes a long way for team motivation. 
  • Sun cream – you don’t want to be looking like a tomato on Monday morning. 
  • Fancy dress  – so you can look back at the pictures and remember the fun times. 
  • Trainers  – the all important item. 
  • Deodorant – to top up. 
  • Money  – you know there’s going to be a bbq or some good merchandise you want to get your hands on. 
  • Spare clothes – it’s nice to change into something a little less sweaty. 
  • Pen – for keeping track of your scores!

If you’re interested in playing in one of our tournaments take a look here.