"Playnetball has created a really positive and friendly vibe."
Meg, Home and Away
"This is the best social league I’ve played in. I love the end of season prize giving ceremony."
Harriet, Riskettes
Ingrid, Goals Allowed
"I was initially nervous about starting to play netball again but have enjoyed getting back into it."
Imogen, Riskettes
"We get on well with the umpires and find their advice each game really helpful!"
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Teams looking for players


Below are our current teams that are looking for players. If you see a team that matches what you are looking for please drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch with the relevant captain.

Team NameDayGradeLocationPositions needed
UnicornsMondayLadies AAngel2x GD/GK
Shoot HappensMondayLadies BAngelGD/GK and a GA/GS
Don't Stop BallievingMondayLadies BAngelAll positions!
KestrelsMondayMixed BAngelMale GS/GA & Female GS/GA
Resting Pitch FaceMondayMixed BAngel2x Female GS/GA
ShotsMondayLadies CAngelGA/GS and a GD/GK
PivotsMondayLadies BHighburyGA/GS
Wobbly CheetahsMondayVersatility Netball (indoors)HighburyAll positions!
ITV VipersMondayVersatility Netball (indoors)HighburyAll positions!
Dark HorsesTuesdayMixed AAngelFemale GA/GS
Highbury Honey BadgersTuesdayLadies BAngelGS
Tacos AngelsTuesdayMixed BAngelMale GA/GS
The DinosaursTuesdayMixed CAngelAll positions!
Balls DeepTuesdayLadies CDulwichGS
JAGuarsTuesdayLadies CDulwichGD/GK
Crystal BallersTuesdayLadies CDulwichGS
Newington NinjasWednesdayLadies BAngelAll positions!
Frisky BisonsWednesdayLadies BHighburyGS
See you in CourtWednesdayLadies CHighburyGS
Squad of GoldWednesdayLadies CHighbury2x GD/GK
NetbALL or NothingThursdayMixed CAngelAll positions!
The SubstitutesThursdayLadies CAngelAll positions!

If you’re unsure what grade you should be, take a look at our grade descriptions.

Match times are 7:00pm, 7:40pm or 8:20pm – a different slot each week. Monday teams also play at 6:20pm.

Season start and end dates can be found here.