On Tuesday 29th June, to celebrate Pride Month, we’re hosting a special event open to anyone in the local LGBTQ+ community and their friends. If you’ve played before or even if you’re brand new to the game and have never felt comfortable in a sporting environment, we can promise you a massive, warm, Playnetball.com-style welcome!

The night will consist of a quick introduction to netball and its rules, followed by a warm-up, some training drills and then some short, fun match play. At the end, in true Playnetball-style, we’ll head to a local pub and try our best to be social whilst sticking to current Covid-19 restrictions.

If you’re already a player with Playnetball.com, we encourage you to come along and meet all the new arrivals, helping to create a safe and welcome environment. Numbers are limited, however, so new players will be given priority when it comes to court/game time.

If you just want to jump right in and sign up to play in one of our leagues, complete our New Player form here.

Playnetball.com believe that all sport should be inclusive and that nobody should miss out simply because of who they are. We are committed to creating a sporting environment where LGBTQ+ players can feel safe and be themselves, free from prejudice and bias.

LGBTQ+ Netball London

Playnetball.com leagues are a safe and inclusive space, that have enabled me to overcome my long-held apprehension of team sports. And my mental health and physical health, as well as my social life, have improved significantly.

James Braun, Appetite for Obstruction