"Playnetball has created a really positive and friendly vibe."
Meg, Home and Away
"This is the best social league I’ve played in. I love the end of season prize giving ceremony."
Harriet, Riskettes
Ingrid, Goals Allowed
"I was initially nervous about starting to play netball again but have enjoyed getting back into it."
Imogen, Riskettes
"We get on well with the umpires and find their advice each game really helpful!"
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Welcome to the Playnetball FAQ’s page. If you can’t find the answer to your question below please contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Court Hire2018-08-06T15:53:15+01:00

We manage the court hire for Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Angel. It has 3 outdoor and 1 indoor court. For Highbury and Dulwich court hire please contact the facilities directly.

Courts are in use 6pm – 9pm Monday to Thursday during our season but there is availability between seasons should you wish to hire the courts.

Contact Us to find out current hourly rates and dates available.

I have never played netball before – is it still ok for me to join?2022-01-13T16:32:55+00:00

Of course!  We love having newbies join us and bet that after a few weeks you will love the sport as much as we do!

Head over to our registration page and we can let you know about our latest training course.

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to check out the rules of netball just so you have some idea of what the game is all about.

How long do the games last?2015-04-16T17:32:43+01:00

The games are 4 x 9 minute quarters with a very short break between quarters and a minute break at half time.

I want to get there early – what time do the venues open?2018-08-06T15:57:56+01:00

Highbury Grove School is open from 6:10pm on Mondays and 6:50pm Tuesday – Thursday.

JAGS Sports Club in Dulwich is open all day.

Elizabeth Garret Anderson School in Angel is open from 6pm on a Monday and 6:45pm Tuesday-Thursday.

I want to cycle to the courts – is there somewhere to put my bike?2018-08-06T16:00:16+01:00

Yes, all venues have secure places to store bikes.  However, you are responsible for your own property whilst at the courts.

At our Angel venue bikes can be left next to the courts, but may not be taken inside the court fence.  In Highbury no bikes are permitted inside the school property, but if you ask the receptionist for the key, then you can leave your bike in secure storage just outside the school. In Dulwich there is a bike rack directly opposite the main reception.

Is there parking at the venues?2018-08-06T16:01:50+01:00

There is parking available at Highbury Grove School, but it closes at 9pm sharp!  In Angel, there is no parking at the school, but parking is available on the adjacent roads and is free after 6:30pm (pay & display before). In Dulwich there is free on street parking outside of the venue and there is a free car park on site if you are a member.

I fancy playing some extra games, how do I do that?2020-01-29T13:14:39+00:00

If you want some extra games when teams need ringers, head to our Facebook page.

How many times does a player need to sign in to be eligible for the semi-finals?2018-08-06T16:02:52+01:00

That depends on the length of the season.

12 weeks – 4 times

16 weeks – 6 times

When and where do I sign in?2018-08-06T16:03:58+01:00

You need to sign in before each game and not afterwards. Teams need at least 4 players signed in to avoid forfeiting the game.  At Highbury the sign in sheet is at reception, at Angel it is on a desk on the right hand wall as you go in and in Dulwich it is on the bench next to the court.

I would like to play on another night – who do I get in touch with?2023-10-18T17:13:22+01:00

Contact Alex via email at interest@playnetball.com and she’ll help you look for another team.

How do I find fill-ins?2020-01-29T13:14:39+00:00

You can find fill-ins by posting on our Facebook page.  If you are still struggling to find anyone, you can get in touch with us at info@playnetball.com and we will try and help you find someone.

If you are playing the first game of the evening, get in touch and we will try to help. If you are playing later games, please go to the court early to ask players from earlier games if they can fill-in for you.

Do you offer any training?2018-08-06T16:07:31+01:00

We do run Back to Netball courses throughout the year. For more information click here.


How can I find new players?2022-01-13T16:40:37+00:00

There’s are a number of ways of finding new players.

  1. Ask us – interest@playnetball.com and we’ll let you know if anyone has contacted us looking to join a team.
  2. Try placing an ad on internet message boards or social networking sites (e.g. Facebook,  Gumtree,  Aussies In London,  Kiwis in London
  3. Ask any Ozzies or Kiwis that you know – we’ve not met a single one that doesn’t know of some netballers somewhere that are looking for a game.

If you have any hot off the press ways of reaching new players please let us know.

We only have half a team – help!2014-12-07T22:30:57+00:00

Let us know – we can help you to find permanent team-mates and give you some hints for finding new players.

Depending on availability we might also be able to place you all on a team that is looking for more than one player.

I want to join the season late – how does payment work?2015-04-17T15:23:57+01:00

The team pays a set amount at the start of each season regardless of how many players are on that team.   If you wish to join a team late in the season, you will need to speak directly to the captain to ascertain individual payment amounts.

It’s been a while – I want to get back in to netball – can I join?2022-01-13T16:41:16+00:00

Of course!  We have graded leagues and cater for all standards.

We’re a social league and welcome players of all abilities.

Send us your details and we’ll add you to the reserves list from which captains find new players.

What happens when it rains?2017-08-09T18:08:13+01:00

We play games in the wet and games will rarely be called off for weather reasons, unless it is too dangerous to play.  If a game is called off we will notify you in the afternoon of play around 5pm  Therefore please make sure we have a valid contact number for you so we can let you know!

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