Want to play netball in London, meet lots of new people and have fun whilst keeping active? Look no further-we have a league for you! 

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I’ve been playing netball with Playnetball for about 3 years now – having not played in about 15 years! I loved it so much that I now play twice a week with two different teams… we’re now all friends and love a good celebration (or commiseration) in the pub after matches. Thanks Playnetball for organising the league, reintroducing me to netball and introducing me to these lovely ladies!
Sarah, Rockets
We want to congratulate our umpires for last week’s match – the standard was excellent!
Team Fusion
As a recent Back-to-Netball-er I have found the umpires to be helpful and explain why they have awarded a free pass/penalty. My team are a really great bunch and we are all there for the same reasons. I look forward to every Tuesday evening now!
Stephanie, Universal Unicorns
The organisation is very well run and I am really impressed. I have played many team sports throughout my life and Playnetball is definitely one of my favourites. Everyone is helpful, responsive and professional.
Nele, Euan
This is the best social league I’ve played in. The cost is reasonable and the league is well organised. I love the end of season prize giving ceremony and the prizes that go with it are great.
Harriet, Riskettes
Thanks for providing a regular night out every week to participate in something I love! I’ve been playing in this league since 2004 and it gets better and better. Well done!
Sarah, Tequilla Mockingbirds
Brilliant! Rules are implemented firmly, timings and rules of the league are clear. Really enjoy playing with the umpires and other teams are always pleasant. Good value for money also.
Andrea, Halalians
I really enjoy playing in this league. We get on well with the umpires and find their advice each game really helpful! The end of season discount and prizes are really fun, and is a lovely way to celebrate the end of a season.
Imogen, Riskettes
I‘ve really enjoyed playing with you and think the whole league is brilliantly organised – all of my team agree that Thursday nights have become the highlight of our week!
Rachel, N1 Angels
Playnetball is a fantastic league which supports both newbies and seasoned netballers keep fit and have fun. Playnetball is a testament to the fact that our club has gone from 6 people to 42 over the last 18 months! Thanks so much for everything and keep it up!
Jenny, Saucy Salamanders
Really happy with the league and the way it operates. I was initially nervous about starting to play netball again after a long break but have enjoyed getting back into it.
Ingrid, Goals Allowed
This has been my first season with play netball (post training) and it’s great. Well organised and very friendly. Great experience so far – shout out to the umpires for making us feel welcome! Thanks!
Caroline, Goals Allowed
I enjoy playing at Angel, and the thing that sets it apart from other venues I’ve played at is the open communication between the umpires and players. It is great to see umpires committed to this with informal chats before and during the game.
Alex, Hands Off
Even after 3 years I still love playing here on a Tuesday in the mixed A comp – the comp is always well organised and the communication from staff is excellent. Despite it being a social league it is also very competitive which we all love and at the end we are all still mates.
Steph, Tequilla Mockingbirds
One major positive of this league is the friendly attitude of all the players and umpires. Playnetball has created a really positive and friendly vibe.
Meg, Home and Away
I have been playing netball in London since 2002 and I have played for various netball organisers. So far, Playnetball have been the best in all areas. Many thanks for your hard work.
James, Euan