Do you want to be a great captain this season but are not sure of what you should be doing?

Choosing or being nominated to be the team captain is a lot of responsibility and can be quite daunting. Therefore, we’ve made a list to keep you on top of your game and ensure your team mates have a great season!

Pre Season Plans: 

  1. Check everyone’s availability for the new season
  2. Be proactive and recruit new players for the team if needed. Use lots of channels – friends, word of mouth, Facebook groups, Gumtree, Meet Up etc.
  3. Create a whatsapp/facebook group for the team
  4. Make sure everyone knows when the season starts
  5. Collect subs from everyone
  6. Pay your deposit on time!
  7. Fill out the team pro forma and send in. Be sure to include clashes and preferences.
  8. Pay remaining subs by the first game of the season

In Season Plans:

  1. Know who is available to play each week using an app like Doodle
  2. Encourage the team to turn up early and do a fun warm-up
  3. Get to know the other teams in your league. Maybe start up a whatsapp group for team captains.
  4. Post on the Facebook page when you need fill-ins
  5. Organise socials – players get a discount on drinks at The Joker in Angel! Playnetball’s Social Secs also run a quarterly event so make sure you look out for upcoming ones. 
  6. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and be an example for the rest of your team. You could end up with the Star Player award at the end of the season! 

End of Season Plans:

  1. Celebrate a great season with your team mates (whatever your final league position).
  2. Give us feedback on your experiences throughout the season so we can improve the league

And Remember:

Delegate! There’s a lot to do to be a great captain. Make sure that you pass some responsibilities over to others. Find out what their strengths are and go from there.