Hello Netballers, 

We’d like to introduce you to Becca and Emma who have volunteered to be our new Social Secretaries. Their aim is to provide more opportunities for you to socialise with your team and others outside of your weekly matches. They’ve made the video below to introduce themselves so you know what they look like and you can chat to them at the courts.

The first social will be on Saturday 1st July: Rounders and Picnic at Highbury Fields. 1 – 4pm. Everyone is welcome!

We’ve also written their interview below. 

Kerry: Hi both, please can you introduce yourselves?

Becca and Emma: We both play for N1 Angels on Thursdays in Angel. Emma plays GS/GA and Becca plays GD.

K: How did you get into playing netball with Playnetball?

B & E: We started training just over a year ago with Playnetball in their Back to Netball sessions. There were a few girls from the group that wanted to join to make a team. We both volunteered to be co-captains and that’s how we formed N1 Angels. 

K: What are you trying to achieve as Playnetball Social Secretaries?

B & E: We want sport to be more sociable. We both play netball and chat to our team members but we want to get to know the other teams better, not just from the nights and grades we play but from every other night. There’s 160 teams across Playnetball.com and Playversatility.com in Angel and Highbury that play on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

K: How can people get involved in your events?

B & E: We’re setting up a social page on Playnetball.com and Playversatility.com and we’ll be keeping you up to date with all upcoming events in the weekly emails too.

K: How often are the socials going to happen and what will they be?

B & E: Organised socials will happen once a season (although that doesn’t stop you organising your own things with your teams too). That means there will be 3 – 4 per year. They will vary – with the summer ones will aim to be outside and with the winter ones we’ll be inside. 

K: Can people get in touch with you and recommend ideas?

B & E: We’ve set up an email address (socials@playnetball.com) and you can get in touch with us there to suggest ideas or ask us any questions. 

K: Who can attend the socials?

B & E: Everyone! Friends, family, dogs! 

K: Is there anything else you want netballers to know?

B & E: We’re all about having fun, meeting people, making a community. If you see us, come and say hi!

Becca and Emma will be at the courts to come and meet different teams so please let them know if you can make the first social.