26787978124_5a184b7642_z-1There’s an update to the ‘Ball Out Of Court’ rule. See the official rules below:

(i) The ball is out of court when:
(a) It touches the ground outside the court.
(b) It touches any person or object in contact with the ground outside the court.

Action: Throw in by the team that did not touch the ball last on court.

(ii) The ball is put out of court by a player who:
(a) Catches the ball in the air just before landing with the ball either wholly or partly outside the court.
(b) Catches or touches the ball while standing on the ground, partly inside and partly outside the court.

Action: Throw in by the team that did not catch or touch the ball.

(iii) If the ball is caught simultaneously by two opposing players, either of whom lands or is standing wholly or partly outside the court, a toss up is taken on court between the players concerned.

(iv) A ball is not out of court if it hits any part of the goalpost and rebounds into the court.

What this new rule actually means:

If someone is already off court and catches the ball BEFORE it grounds, it would have formerly been a throw in to the opposition. Not so now. It’s whomever puts the ball out of court last who is the offending player.

A player can now run after a loose ball and catch it whilst off court BEFORE it grounds and not be penalised, as long as it was not their team to put the ball out of court.

Example: A shot by a GS which is missed and is obviously heading for out of court. In theory the GK can gather in the rebound before it grounds out of court and do a quick throw in.

If you have any questions about this new rule please email info@playnetball.com.