Last night in Angel we started back in the New Year by welcoming two groups of players to their first session of netball training. As part of an 8 week course the players turned up to learn some new skills and make some new friends.


Training Group 8-9pm

The aim of this first session was to get everybody talking, relaxed and  to learn a few people’s names. Our coaches Lucy and Bhav used this session to teach everyone about getting ball-side and to introduce or refresh players on delivering accurate chest passes.

Players joined in on a few competitive and fun games to get them used to making quick accurate chest passes. These are the foundations of maintaining possession of the ball in a game.

We asked Lucy what she enjoyed about coaching the two groups. Her response was: “That everyone came with a smile on their face. They were quick to get into each practice and listened to instructions. It was great that the ladies were also getting involved with answering questions, I loved the enthusiasm and giggles when things didn’t go as intended or mistakes were made. It’s about having fun whilst learning”.


Practising chest passes

We also received some great feedback from the players too:

“Really fun training! Loved the variety in different training techniques, playing part of a game and getting to know new faces too!”

“It was awesome!”

“It was really fun and I feel like I’m going to learn a lot”

The training sessions were finished with a brief match to let the players practise what they learnt.


End of training match

We hope everyone is looking forward to next week’s sessions where we will be focusing on ‘positions on court and their role in a game’. Be prepared to try something new!

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