Ryan site manages for us on Tuesdays in Angel although you’ll regularly see him umpiring on Mondays too. You’ll also recognise him if you took part in one of the summer tournaments. Read his interview below. 

1) Tell us about yourself…
I’m Ryan, a Scottish born tattooed Australian that has lived in London for 9 years. I started playing at Playnetball the day I got off the plane from Sydney. I have since represented England in the Men’s team, including the Indoor Nets World Cup in 2012.

2) How did you get into umpiring?
After years of yelling and abusing umpires I thought it was time to see what could be so hard about umpiring. I have since learnt that it is much easier to play netball than it is to umpire it!. I’ve also learnt it’s impossible to see through players, and you can only call what you see!

3) Do you play netball as well as umpire?
I play 2 nights a week with Playnetball and I also play Nets.

4) Where’s a place that you would recommend visiting in London?
Street Feast – the best street food in London and plenty of bars. It’s a great place to go for a netball team night out.

5) Where has been your best holiday destination and why?
Tough to choose only one, I have had so many enjoyable holidays since moving to London. Germany, France, Italy, Morocco, … Think I will go with Andalusia so much great food, drink, weather, drink, culture, drink… you get the picture.

6) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Playing for the retirement village netball team!

7) When you’re at The Joker, what drink do you order?
Tequila…. Always Tequila…. So much Tequila – And its 30% off for Playnetball players!!!

8) Tell us about your other commitments – do you work, study, volunteer?
I work in the exciting industry of paper and plastic cups, the good thing about cups is you can fill them with various drinks. I’m also studying my Masters, which seems to be a never ending thing, and I have been know to help little old ladies cross the road.

9) In your opinion, what’s the best netball position and why?
Goal Defence (not that my defending partners ever let me out of GK) – In the words of Dennis Rodman in the quality movie Double Team “Offence gets the glory, but defence wins the game”.

Thanks to Ryan for sharing a bit about himself with us. You can read more umpire interviews here