Cut The Cabbage

This is a fun warm up that gets all players moving. It focuses on footwork, ball placement, catching and timing. You can also challenge yourselves by receiving the ball from the other side or changing the type of pass players are doing.

Players Needed: 8+

Balls Needed: 2

Video Example: Here

Ins and Outs

This warm up focuses on passing, timing, spacial awareness and communication. You can also progress this game to also focus on defending – after the player in the middle throws the ball to a player on the outside they then mark the ball from being thrown back into the circle. To keep the players on the outside of the circle warm, get them to jog on the spot or do star jumps.

Players Needed: 4+

Balls Needed: 1. A second ball can be added.

Video Example: Here

4 Corners

This warm-up is especially good for players who want to work on their passing, timing and footwork. Players stand on 4 corners. The player with the ball stands in between two of the cones. The player at the cone in front of them then runs into the free space between their two cones and receives the ball. They then pass the ball onto the next player and move to the back of the next line. The ball and players will move around the square.

Players Needed: 5+

Balls Needed: 1. A second ball can be added.

Picture Example:


This particular warm-up should be done after you’ve done some running and stretching. This is a great exercise for defenders in particular but also a fun way to get all players in the right frame of mind for a good game! It focuses on defending, reactions and agility.

Players Needed: 2+

Balls Needed: 1. A second ball can be added.

Video Example: Here