We hosted our second pub quiz social last night at The Joker. A big thank you to James for allowing us to overtake his pub again 🙂

James, Manager of The Joker

We hope that all the teams competing had a great time!

Parks and Net

You’ve Got To Be Jokering

Mighty Ducks

Wolf Sorts

Netty Babes

We Hate Lucy

All Sorts

Thanks again to our Social Secretaries Becca and Emma and Quiz Master Sarah.

Sarah, Becca and Emma

The teams battled it out with a few hands on activities to grab themselves some extra points!

Cracker eating challenge – Stacey’s concentration face 🙂

Pen in bottle challenge

Card stacking challenge

Congratulations to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and bonaza question winners!

1st Place Winners: We hate Lucy. Winning £80!

2nd Place Winners: Parks and Net. Winning £40!

3rd Place Winners Wolf Sorts. Winning Brunch for 2 at The Joker!

Bonaza question winners: All Sorts. Winning £50 off their season fees!

Our next social will be our New Year Party on Saturday 27th January 2018, taking place at The Joker. Look out for more details to purchase your tickets!