1. Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Shona, I’m 26, and I work in Human Resources. I show pedigree dogs; pugs, boxers and rottweilers. I have 4 pugs and I’m also a show judge.

2. How did you get into umpiring?

I got into umpiring through University and it’s taken me through a range of experiences. I’m very fortunate to have umpired in Scotland and England. I’ve continued to develop my umpiring career and help develop trainee umpires.

3. Do you play netball as well as umpire?

Yes, I play netball for Motley Crew in the Ladies A Grade on Wednesdays in Angel. I play in attack mostly (apparently I have small arms).

4. Have you always lived in London?

No, I was born in England and very quickly moved out to Greece for 7 years. I then moved back to England and then up to Scotland where I went to University. After that I move back down to London.

5. Where/what in London would you recommend visiting?

If you like live music I’d recommend going to the Roadhouse in Covent Garden on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Joker (because you get awesome discount) and the Brewhouse and Kitchen (because they make their own beers on site) are good pubs to visit after netball too! Good chips at B& K.

6. What’s your favourite netball fancy dress?

Any fancy dress that includes face paint. Sparkly and spangly.

7. What do you get up to in your spare time?

I like going to parks and stalking dogs and getting dog cuddles because my dogs live in Scotland. I go for jogs, go to the gym. I’m a real foodie so like going to different restaurants to try cuisines and dishes.

8. Do you play any other sports?

Yes, muay thai. It’s thai fighting. It’s helped me control my anger on court in netball lol!

Look out for Shona on Wednesdays in Angel and Thursdays in Highbury.