Our training groups focused on shooting this week. Here’s what they learnt:

Shooting technique:

  • Pivot to face the post
  • Legs are balanced and shoulder width apart
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Preferred hand behind the ball and the other hand to the side of the ball to support
  • Hands go behind the head – one to each side. 
  • Release the ball at the highest point and flick the wrist forward
  • Aim for the point just above the net
  • Follow the shot for a rebound. 

So it should look something like this with the ball being released at the end and going in the net. 

Shooting 3

This is a good example of how your hands should be placed when shooting:

Shooting 2

For any shooters or ‘wannabe’ shooters out there, check out our training playlist on YouTube for some helpful tips.

We then went on learn about balancing the attacking circle by splitting it into quarters. The GS and GA should work together to make sure that one person is always on the left, the other on the right. Also, if one player is at the top of the circle the other player should be further back towards the post. This makes sure that you are creating opportunities and space for your WA and C to pass the ball into you. The image below shows the attacking circle being split into quarters with the GA at the top of the circle on her side and the GS at the back towards the post on her side. D = defender, F = feeder (WA & C).

Attacking Circle

If you’re interested in any future training sessions get in touch: interest@playnetball.com.