Rosie Williams

What’s your name & where d’ya come from?

I’m Rosie, and I live in North West London. My professional background is in the leisure industry and I have just joined the team as the Business Development Manager. I am responsible for marketing, keeping the leagues full of lovely teams and looking after our social platforms, amongst other things!

Do you play netball?

Of course! I played at school, and then began playing again in my twenties with my club – Inglis Netball Club, and then through a friend at work, discovered in its infancy back in 2010-ish. I played mixed in A&B grade, Versatility, and then in a ladies B grade.

I stopped after having our 2 daughters in 2016, but returned, and netball has truly helped me get my confidence and my fitness back. I am competitive and social by nature, so although I worked in the leisure industry, the gym just doesn’t do it for me like netball does.

Have you always lived in London?

Probably the most boring answer you’ll read all day… yes! North West London.

Tell us something more interesting about yourself then!

I am also a swimming teacher, and once swam the English Channel. It was grim, and I most definitely wouldn’t do it again!

Where would you recommend visiting in London?

I’m all about the free stuff. Save your pennies for the pub and instead visit the museums, parks, and all the quirky places with interesting histories. There’s a couple of good blogs I go to for inspiration whenever I go out exploring.

When you’re not working what do you do?

I’m a mum to our two daughters aged 2 and 3, and partner to an ex GB Wheelchair Basketball player, turned Personal Trainer, so our lives often revolve around sport and exercise. So we can often be found playing or watching sport, and dragging our kids around to watch too! Although in a bid to bring down the energy levels a peg or two, I have recently learned how to knit, and really enjoy it.

What’s your favourite thing about netball?

The social side of it. Most of my closest friends I’ve made through netball. Also shattering the illusion that goal shooters must be tall, haha!