Thank you to our sponsors The Joker for hosting us on Saturday night for our New Year Party. We hope everyone that attended had a great time and a special thanks to those that donated raffle prizes in aid of raising money for our two chosen charities; the Farakunku Foundation and the Netball Development Trust. We’d also like to thank our site managers, umpires and players for making all this possible. Here’s to a great 2017!


Ladies Team of the Year 2016 was awarded to The Opposition, Ladies B Grade, Tuesdays in Highbury. 


Mixed Team of the Year 2016 was awarded to Tequila Mockingbirds, Mixed A, Tuesdays in Angel. 


Ladies Dream Team 2016:

Ladies Dream Team

Mixed Dream Team 2016:

Mixed Dream Team

Ladies Player of the Year 2016 was awarded to Maddy White from 99 Problems. 

Mixed Player of the Year 2016 was awarded to Em Donovan from Jagerbums.

Em Donovan

Umpire of the Year 2016 was awarded to Rachel who site manages and umpires on Mondays in Angel.


A number of fun awards were also given out. The winners for ‘Best Power Couple On Court’ were Mairi and Nat. 

Mairi and Nat

The ‘Best ‘On Court Umpire’ was awarded to Ian Swarbrick.


The ‘Welcome Back’ Award was given to Janis MacKay after being injured for 2 years.

Janis Mackay

The ‘On Court Sl*t’ was awarded to James Harris. 

James Harris

The ‘Walking Netball Player of the Year was awarded to Liv from Your Face. 

And the winners of the raffle prizes were: 

England Netball Kit Bundle: David Hewson

Bottle of Tequila: Tolly from JANGA SHOTTS

£50 Bar Tab: Michael from the Untouchaballs

Hot Yoga and a Bottle of Wine: Jennifer from The Opposition

PS4 Games: David Hewson

Mini Pool Set: Kylie from the Untouchaballs

Bottle of Whisky: Elly from the Cheeseballs

Hot Yoga and a Bottle of Disaronno: Chantelle 

Bottle of Whisky: Simon from The Disciples

England Netball Kit Bundle: Zoe from the Untouchaballs

Hot Yoga Passes: Mark G

England Netball Kit Bundle: Kev from the Cheeseballs

Bottle of Tequila: Andrea from the Untouchaballs 

Anne PS4 Kev England Netball Kit Kylie Pool Set Zoe England Netball Kit