Team Captains

A captain has the following responsibilities: AWAY FROM THE COURTS •Completing and submitting a team proforma at the beginning of the season. A blank proforma is available on the registration page of the website. •Co-ordinating deposit / team payment. Although we provide the facility for team members to pay individually, it is the captain’s responsibility [...]

Positive Sporting Behaviour

We want to be the best and most fun netball league in London!  How do we do that?  Well, firstly by making sure you guys are safe on court, and secondly that you have fun! We try to promote sporting behaviour at all times:  Applauding the good things your opposition (and teammates) do, smiling on [...]


We provide bibs – other than that you can wear what you wish as long as it’s appropriate.  Inappropriate footwear is a sure-fire way of injuring yourself (and potentially others) so laced sporting shoes with sufficient grip are required.  If you wear inappropriate clothing you won’t be permitted on court, so don’t forget your kit! [...]

Game Times

Games are played at 6.20pm, 7.00pm, 7.40pm and 8.20pm.  For netball, each game is split into four 9 minute quarters with a very short break at each quarter / half time. Turnover between games is really quick, so please co-operate with your umpires so that the game can be started as soon as possible. Teams [...]

Facilities / Bikes / Cars

Both of our venues have an indoor reception area and changing rooms with showers.  These are open from 6.15pm (Highbury) 6.45pm (Angel) and close at 9pm.  The changing rooms are closed 5 minutes before the final whistle of the night, as we have to pack up and ship out really quickly.  This unfortunately means that [...]


When teams submit their proforma (by the deadline) they can express a preference regarding fixtures.  This might be one of the following:  not to clash with another team (this must be a mutual request, and only one team can be requested) a request for early games a request for late games a request for an [...]


The league ladders are usually updated each week on Thursday evening and can be found on the website.  Teams are ranked with 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and zero for a loss.  In the event of teams being tied on points, the goal difference (not goals scored) will differentiate the [...]


Let’s be honest – it’s usually not as much fun playing in the wet.  Having said that, if we cancelled netball just because it was a bit wet or windy, we’d only play about 10 weeks a year!  Therefore, unless you hear otherwise, your games will be played.  In the event of extreme weather conditions [...]

Dangerous Play

We know that netball can get quite competitive at times but all players are required to ensure that they take steps to play safely.  All of our umpires have been instructed to remove players from play if they are considered dangerous – even if it’s unintentional. We hope we’re not being sexist by saying it, [...]

Umpire Respect

One simple rule – only ask a question at quarter / half time breaks. We really like our umpires and we take any necessary steps to look after them.  They do a great job to the best of their ability and we guarantee that moaning at them, giving them dirty looks, questioning their calls or [...]

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