No team or player is perfect and there are always opportunities to improve.  Some of our umpires are pretty darn hot at netball and some of them are graded coaches.  We like to encourage them to help you improve when they feel that it’s suitable - it’s not that they’re favouring one team over another [...] Star Player

The star player is the player that we all like to have on our team.  Each week, the umpires will award playnetball stars at the end of the game to the players who have: played with a smile on their face encouraged their team applauded the opposition received umpire feedback and improved their game [...]


We welcome feedback – both positive and negative – but we do ask that it is constructive and considered.  Please contact us via the website or come and have a chat with the site manager at the courts to provide feedback.


We’re a social league which means we try and get everyone to come to the pub after your games!  You’ll usually find us in the Junction (for Highbury)  or the Joker Of Penton St (Angel) Come and find us and say hello – we’ll probably buy you a drink!  We also hold our end of [...]

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