When teams submit their proforma (by the deadline) they can express a preference regarding fixtures.  This might be one of the following:

  •  not to clash with another team (this must be a mutual request, and only one team can be requested)
  • a request for early games
  • a request for late games
  • a request for an even spread of games.

While we try our best to ensure that a team’s preference is satisfied, we use the preference only as a guide, and teams should not automatically expect to receive their preference fully.

The fixture list is worked out for the whole season in advance and as there is usually very little turnover of teams there is no need for grading games.  Once the fixture list is finalised it is posted on the competition website and after this, it won’t usually be changed as to do so usually affects at least 3 other teams.

The top four teams in a league will play in Semi Finals (SF), with the winning teams playing a Grand Final (GF).  In the event of a tie in SF / GF games, two 1-minute extra-time periods will be played.  At the end of the second extra-time period, if the scores are still level, the timekeeper will shout loudly to teams playing “SCORES TIED, NEXT GOAL WINS” at which point the team that scores the next goal will win the game.