A captain has the following responsibilities:


•Completing and submitting a team proforma at the beginning of the season. A blank proforma is available on the registration page of the website.

•Co-ordinating deposit / team payment. Although we provide the facility for team members to pay individually, it is the captain’s responsibility to ensure that all team members pay promptly by the specified deadline each season. It’s obviously also much easier for us if the captain collects the subs from each team member and then makes a single payment on behalf of the team.

•Cheques for payment into playnetball.com should be made payable to PLAYNETBALL.COM LTD.

•Representing the team and acting as a focal point for any communications from competition organisers (including disciplinary matters).

•Ensuring that a full team plays each week. If you need fill ins the best thing to do is to find players at the courts. If you’re playing the first game of the night this isn’t always possible so if you’ve tried facebook and twitter and all of your contacts then let us know and we can try and help you out.

•Ensuring all team members, team fill-ins and supporters are aware of, and in agreement to, the terms and conditions of the competition.

•Organising socials for the team!


• Ensuring all team members sign in (including fill-ins)

• Getting your players on court as soon as the final whistle for the previous game has gone.

• Ensuring all players adhere to the terms and conditions of the competition whilst on court.

• Raising any questions with the umpires or competition organisers on behalf of the team at the appropriate time.

Many teams share these responsibilities amongst players on the team and this works really well too. Just make sure you know who’s responsible for what.