The first centre pass is awarded to the first team ready on court. The centre passes then alternate between the teams, regardless of which team has scored.

Before the whistle on the centre pass, all players must start in the goal thirds except the two Centres. The Centre with the ball must be completely within the centre circle and must obey the footwork rule after the whistle has been blown.

The opposing Centre can stand anywhere within the centre third and is able to move freely.  However the 3 feet rule is still applicable.

After the whistle the centre pass must be caught, or touched, by a player standing in or landing wholly within the centre third.

A player must not break at the centre pass, which is moving either of their feet into the centre third before the whistle is blown for the centre pass.

Players must get onside (in the appropriate part of the court) quickly at the centre pass. The Centre with the ball must hurry back to the centre circle and step-in immediately. If they wait for their players to get back onside, this is called “delaying play”.

Should any of the infringements above occur, a free pass is awarded to the opposing team.