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Covid 19 Information & Guidance

WELCOME BACK! All of the information you need to know about our safe return to netball can be found here, including rule modifications, hygiene measures, FAQ’s and our updated T&C’s. Before your league restarts, please use the checklist below to ensure everyone in your team is ready to return. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Getting back to Netball checklist

What you need to know

  • All players should understand the risk involved in participating in netball activity. We have taken many steps to ensure the safety of all involved, but players attend at their own risk.

  • All players (including fill ins) MUST be registered with BEFORE they play. At each game your umpire will sign you in electronically to confirm your attendance. This sign in will not work if you are not registered. It is VITAL for to have a record of every player on every night, including Fill-Ins.

  • NHS Test and Trace/QR Code: All our venues have a QR Code clearly displayed. To support our efforts in playing safely all players must download the NHS Test and Trace App and scan the code at your venue at each visit. Players asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace must not attend fixtures.

  • Players must only attend fixtures if they do not show any symptoms of Covid-19 and/or are not living in the same household as someone with a possible infection.

  • There will be limited toilets and no changing facilities available so please arrive ready to play.

  • All Players must exercise good hygiene before, during and after play by using their own hand sanitiser frequently.

  • Remain socially distanced from each other while entering a venue. Players are requested to only arrive at the venue 5 minutes prior to their fixture start time and leave immediately after the final whistle.

  • Your umpire will ask you to line up on a side line for a nail check which will be done from a 2 metre distance. They will also use this opportunity to sign you in electronically from their mobile phone.

  • Adhere to the rule modifications

  • Exercise good hygiene by sanitising your own hands during ALL breaks.

  • No team huddles – maintain a 2 metre distance

  • Sharing of bibs should be discouraged and kept to an absolute minimum

  • Sharing of water bottles and other personal items is nor permitted.

  • No shouting

  • Post-match hug circles or handshakes are not permitted. Players should ensure social distancing is maintained at all times after the final whistle.

  • Umpires will share the scorecard digitally with management and remain socially distanced from all players when noting down Player Points.

  • Captains are not required to sign the scorecard, they should verbally confirm with the umpires that they acknowledge the final score.

This is new for everyone (including us) so we thank you all for your patience and support. We know you may have many questions so check out our FAQs below which we will review regularly and update when necessary. Or simply get in touch if you have any other concerns.

Why do I need to register with and scan NHS Track and Trace2020-10-07T13:04:51+01:00

In line with our Covid-19 mitigation plan, all players MUST be registered with BEFORE they play. It is vital that have a record of every player on every night, and which games they have played in. Our venues are required by law to display an NHS Track and Trace QR code for anyone entering the venue to ‘check in’.

Where should we buy our bibs?2020-12-15T11:22:41+00:00

You can order them through us, taking advantage of our discount with Gilbert. Simply email Cassie to order, and your site manager will bring your bibs to your venue in time for your first game. If you want to buy your own, please buy the reversible kind so that you have 2 colour options for any game – or, of course, you can buy 2 different sets! Your team will be responsible for bringing your own bibs every week. We also ask that you keep bib swapping to an absolute minimum.

How am I supposed to defend from 4ft?2020-10-09T11:33:25+01:00

The modification requires players to be 4ft away from their opponent whilst static. As long as you are moving around your player – and not face to face with them – you can be a bit closer if necessary, although body on body contact is not permitted… and remember, a good defender NEVER stands still!

Can we still use fill ins?2020-10-09T11:29:32+01:00

Yes you can! Please remember though, that all players, including fill ins, must be registered with BEFORE they play.