We offer social netball in London for players of all abilities from complete beginners through to international players!

We currently operate at two venues in North London and run over 20 separate leagues. This means that we have a great choice of standards –  beginner (C grade) / intermediate (B grade) / competitive (A grade) for ladies and mixed teams. We also offer training.

Fill in our registration form to sign up as an individual, or with a group of friends, or even with a whole team and we’ll make sure we match you with the team and league that fits just right.Use the information below to find out which is the best league for you!

We’re concentrated in only two venues which means the standard of netball in each league is pretty consistent.

You can view the teams looking for players and grade descriptions to find the right team for you. 

VenueDayGradeCurrent season end dateNext Season start date# weeksTeam Cost *Single player cost** 
HighburyMonLadies B8th May1st June16896112Register
HighburyMonLadies C8th May1st June16896112Register
HighburyTueLadies B9th May23rd May1267284Register
HighburyTueLadies C9th May23rd May1267284Register
HighburyWedLadies B10th May31st May1267284Register
HighburyWedLadies C10th May31st May1267284Register
AngelMonLadies A10th Jul24th Jul16896112Register
AngelMonLadies B10th Jul24th Jul16896112Register
AngelMonLadies C10th Jul24th Jul16896112Register
AngelMonMixed B10th Jul24th Jul16896112Register
AngelTueMixed A9th May23rd May1267284Register
AngelTueMixed B9th May23rd May1267284Register
AngelTueMixed C9th May23rd May1267284Register
AngelTueLadies B9th May23rd May1267284Register
AngelWedLadies A10th May31st May1267284Register
AngelWedLadies B10th May31st May1267284Register
AngelWedLadies C10th May31st May1267284Register
AngelThurLadies B11th May1st June1267284Register
AngelThurLadies C11th May1st June1267284Register
* cost does not include 3.5% paypal charges. For team fees these can be avoided by paying directly into our bank account.
** single player cost based on a team of 8.